MINOS Experiment

On MINOS we do the extraordinary thing of firing a beam of neutrinos 735km through the Earth (seriously!). The three neutrinos have slightly different masses and so for a given energy the heaviest neutrino travels slightly slower than the lightest. This difference in speed gives rise to a quantum mechanical effect called neutrino oscillations and it is very hard to detect, which is why we need to fire the neutrinos over such a long distance.

We have worked on the MINOS experiment for over a decade, right through from construction and test beam calibration to first data and now the final results. We worked in particular on the muon antineutrino physics analysis and led that effort all the way through to the results and the papers in 2011.

More information about the MINOS Experiment can be found here.

Following a long shutdown to upgrade the accelerator complex at Fermilab, MINOS+ will be born. We will run the MINOS detectors with the beam in the medium energy configuration, providing a high statistics and high precision measurement of new regions of parameter space. MINOS+ will search for new physics involving sterile neutrinos, extra dimensions and much more.

We also work on NOvA, the new 2nd generation experiment that uses the NuMI neutrino beam at Fermilab.

Please contact Jeff Hartnell or Lisa Falk for further information.

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