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Welcome to our NOvA page at the University of Sussex.

With the discovery of a large value for the last neutrino mixing angle θ13 in 2012, the door is now open for us to answer the question of the neutrino mass hierarchy and to search for leptonic CP violation: two of the very last missing pieces of the standard model of particle physics extended to include neutrino masses. Neutrinos may provide the answer to the big question of why the universe is dominated by matter and not antimatter. The physics reach of NOvA is unique due to its 810 km baseline combined with the high power and well understood beam of (anti)neutrinos.

The Sussex NOvA group was started and funded for 6 years by a European Research Council grant. Since 2018 funding has come from STFC. We welcome students and research visitors. Please contact Jeff Hartnell for further information.

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